News from Nabore®

This week is the kick-off of the Circularity Weeks in Munich!

We are looking forward to meeting thought leaders, corporate decision-makers and investors from the world of the circular economy. Let’s exchange ideas, share and discuss innovation and concrete projects. We are very happy to be part of the vibrant community of circular economy enthusiasts at the Circulaze Summit and the Circular Republic Festival.
Meet us there and let’s make a difference together!
Circulaze Summit:
November 8th – House of Communication, Start-Up Village. Come hear our Pitch between 11.00 am and 13.00 pm.
Circular Republic Festival:
November 16 & 17th – Munich Urban Collab, Start-Up-Area. Come hear our Pitch around 12.30 pm on November 16th.

NABORE ist als Vorreiter der Transformation in der deutschen Wirtschaft nominiert

Die Fachjury hat unser Unternehmen unter die Vorreiter der Transformation in unserer Branche gewählt. Der Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis wird in diesem Jahr zusammen mit dem Bundesumweltministerium und dem DIHK an besonders vorbildliche Unternehmen in ihren Branchen vergeben.

Ob wir zu den Finalisten gehören, erfahren wir im September. Die Preisverleihung findet am Donnerstag, dem 23. November 2023, in Düsseldorf statt.   

Der Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis schreibt in dieser Kategorie: „Auf einem begrenzten Planeten mit begrenzten Erneuerungskapazitäten gilt es, den Wandel hin zu einer funktionierenden Kreislaufwirtschaft zu gestalten und die Exploration von primären Rohstoffen auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. Dazu müssen Rohstoffe aus dem Kreislauf rückgewonnen und wiedergenutzt werden, anstatt sie in einer linearen „Make – Use – Waste“-Kette zu verschwenden.“

NABORE’s first appearance at IMM Cologne

The innovative design studio of Thomas Beck, tbSTUDIO from Berlin, has created trendsetting designs out of recycled NABORE materials. Within the „Young Innovative Companies“ support programme, tbSTUDIO has been selected to present its progressive work at IMM Cologne. 
It will also be a premiere for the new NABORE material LSP. The leather chipboard is thermoplastically deformable and can be used in a variety of ways as a mono-material component in furniture, objects as well as flooring and parquet.


Car Symposium, Bochum (Germany)

On May 3rd we look forward to seeing automotive industry experts, academia and politics at the Car Symposium in Bochum. Meet us at this event for thought leaders and decision makers. Let’s exchange ideas, share knowledge and collaborate on solutions to solve the challenges of the automotive industry.

We are at Bo Part Solutions’ Stand, Nr. 35. Or join our speech on May 4th!

Together we unlock the power of recycling and circular economy.

Impressive CO2 results for NABORE Supreme

Die erste patentierte NABORE-Produktlinie verwandelt Lederabfälle durch seine innovative Zero-Waste-Technologie in neue, high-performance Materialien mit minimierten Emissionen.

Die renommierte Agentur Spin360 hat NABORE Supreme in einem Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) über den gesamten Lebenszyklus des Produkts analysiert. Mit dem Ergebnis von 1,11 kg CO2 e/m² übertrifft NABORE alle bisherigen Leder-Ersatzstoffe und trägt viel zu einem CO2 e/m² optimierten Endprodukt bei. Nach dem „End-of-Life“ ist es kreislauffähig und kann wieder in den Produktionsprozess eingebracht werden. NABORE verbindet Hochleistungsprodukte mit Nachhaltigkeit, Kreislaufwirtschaft und hoher Lieferfähigkeit.

Vom 21. bis 23. Februar 2023 wird NABORE auf der internationalen Ledermesse Lineapelle in Mailand, Italien, vertreten sein. Wir freuen uns auf Sie in Halle 22, bei unserem Partner IBL, Stand E22/E24.


Valesens examines site in partnership with NABORE FRANCE

The French promotional association VALESENS is a PTCE awardee and acts as an incubator of circular economy projects for the department of Indre-et-Loire. A Pôle Territorial de Coopération (PTCE for short) means that several actors of a territory join forces to create projects for the future. A fantastic tool for the development of economic, innovative and cooperative solidarity projects at the level of a region.

VALESENS is also the initiator of the "Mon Beau Déchet" competition for innovation in upcycling, of which NABORE is a sponsor. After the collaboration Valesens are investigating the construction of a new regional factory for the production of innovative materials from leather scraps using the NABORE technology. The aim of this project is to set up an industrial processing plant for leather waste to produce new high quality surface materials. It is obtained by agglomeration of shredded leather waste and binders and is used in numerous existing and future applications (fashion, automotive, household, transport). The factory in partnership with NABORE FRANCE has similar characteristics to a paper production plant. It can process up to 3300 tons of leather scraps per year and also produce a composite material from hemp. On an area of 1.5 ha it can create 35-40 jobs. Its location is currently being examined together with Dev'Up.

NABORE® has sponsored the design competition "MON BEAU DÉCHET" 2022

After the success of the first competition on the theme of leather scraps and waste in 2021, the French association VALESENS, on the occasion of the France Design Week, has invited this year together with NABORE®.

The motto of the competition "Mon Beau Déchet 2022" (My Beautiful Waste) is "Innovation of Use". NABORE® is the ideal partner with its zero-waste technology, which uses the valuable resource of leather in its entirety. The designers, artists and students were provided with 9 high-performance materials made from leather cuttings and natural binders. From soft to firm, in natural colours, from anthracite grey to natural beige, the materials offered a creative field. The designers have exploited the potential and created a wide variety of processing techniques, innovative combinations, constructions and transformable objects.

The winners are: First prize and prize of the public: Aurélien Sauvestre - stool Industry Prize: Clara Besnard and Maelisse Berthomé - Jewellery box Second prize: Camille Roussel - screen Third prize: Antoine Brachet - Bottle carrier bag

The winners' objects are made in small series by a local manufactory that brings together designers, experts and young professionals.

Valesens is a support association for the appreciation and promotion of sensory design and technologies in the French region of Tours.