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We are a highly specialised team with more than 30 employees. We see and understand ourselves as passionate avant-gardists for sustainable leather processing.

A lot of experience, visionary thinking, precise, technological knowledge and highly developed production processes are the basis of our work. With this know how we have created NABORE SUPREME, NABORE SOFT und NABORE CRAFT. Now we are researching and developing a fully circular, climate-friendly and long-lasting product line from plant residues as well.

NABORE stands for sustainability and circular economy: "We offer our customers an upcycling technology for 100% of their leather scraps. These innovative NABORE materials flow back into the customer's production cycle. He thus fulfils his own zero-waste claim, ensures sustainability and enables his customers to act in a value-conscious way."

Holger Hain, CEO NABORE®

Developed for a sustainable future

NABORE® stands for innovation, sustainability and circularity of resources!

Our team

Holger Hain

CEO & Co-founder

Bernhard Machhein

Vice President & Co-founder

Ewald Wilka

CTO & founder

Josef Jakob


Rodewig Nägele

Head of Sale

Sabrina Laschinger

CMO & Fashion

Reiner Scheer

Leiter Qualitätsmanagement

In 2021 we have set up our first production facility in Bopfingen, Baden-Württemberg, on 3500m². This too, in a very sustainable way. We took over the technical facilities of DORUS, a company founded in 1927. Innovators of their time, they succeeded in recycling chrome leather waste for their glue production.

NABORE® has the goal to create a recycling loop which ensures valuable leather and other material scraps are no longer disposed of. In this way, we not only help the industry, but also ensure that resources on our planet are fully used. An ever-recurring cycle ensures that the natural product is preserved for itself.

NABORE® production facility