We use all existing resources

Resource management rethought: NABORE® - Natural Bonded Resources - was born from this idea. A new zero-waste technology that produces high-quality new surfaces from material scraps. We recycle leather and plant residues. In our first product line, we upcycle your leather offcuts and reintegrate them into your material cycle

Would you like to reduce your footprint and increase your sustainable material mix?

The first fully developed NABORE® product line utilizes the valuable resource leather in its entirety. Leather processing produces over one billion m² of leather offcuts worldwide every year. These natural leather scraps are a valuable resource. Do you generate offcuts? Talk to us. We also refine your trimmed leather scraps. Reliable, unmixed and traceable, we produce a high-end crust material from it and design the properties and surface according to your wishes. We recycle everything that is left over from leather production. Sustainable. Valuable.
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NABORE® Supreme Materialien mit einer Stärke von 0,6 bis 1,8 mm liegen zwischen 1,08 – 1,96 kg CO2e/m².

Due to the high percentage of genuine waste recycling, Nabore clearly beats other surface materials.

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Worldwide Leatherconsumption 2015

Our company is still young. As more and more high-end brands are placing great emphasis on the area of sustainability and are checking the ecological footprint of their products, well-known luxury brands are already using NABORE® for high-quality shoes and bags. The first car manufacturers are also planning to use it in serial production.

Car Interior





• is a zero-waste technology

• is a thermoplastic upcycling process

 • based on a specially developed binder (patent pending)

• closes the sustainable leather cycle 

• the new materials are recyclable

Application numbers of the German and international patent applications:

DE 10 2019 009 259.7, DE 10 2019 109 954.4, DE 10 2021 119 798.8, DE 10 2021 119 799.6

WO 2020/212062, WO 2023/006520


Our production process enables the adaption of the technical values for all different areas of application. Strength, elongation behavior and tear resistance can be determined and adjusted to your needs.


Zero Waste. Sustainable. Upcycling-Technology.

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Developed for a sustainable future: Innovative, qualitative, reliable, partnership-based, customer-oriented, sustainable.

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