Notizie da Nabore®

NABORE is finalist of the German Sustainability Award Enterprise 2024

We are awarded as finalist of the “Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis” as a pioneer of transformation in the German economy.

Thank you again to the expert jury of the “Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis” for acknowledging the results of our hard-working team.

Thank you to our highly specialized team! A lot of experience, visionary thinking, precise, technological knowledge and production processes are the basis of our work.

NABORE proudly stands for sustainability and circular economy.

The NABORE COLLECTION wins 1st place in the GDA (German Design Award) in the category Excellent Product Design Furniture.

The collection comprises design products made from leather recycling materials by NABORE. This forward-thinking product concept demonstrates diversity and scalability in design and manufacturing. Leather is one of humanity’s most durable natural materials and one of the oldest forms of upcycling. However, the leather industry generates approximately 1 billion square meters of offcuts annually. Previously discarded, NABORE now collects these valuable leather scraps and transforms them into recyclable materials using its unique Zero Waste technology.

tbSTUDIO has been supporting the development of materials for furniture and interior design for years. „Outstanding design today means more than ever providing answers to the challenges of our time“ – under this motto, the German Design Award selects its winners. The jury’s reasoning for the 1st place:

The „NABORE COLLECTION“ by tbSTUDIO impressively demonstrates how industry leather scraps are recycled and turned into attractive products. A sustainable concept that raises awareness for the leather resource.

This week is the kick-off of the Circularity Weeks in Munich!

We are looking forward to meeting thought leaders, corporate decision-makers and investors from the world of the circular economy. Let’s exchange ideas, share and discuss innovation and concrete projects. We are very happy to be part of the vibrant community of circular economy enthusiasts at the Circulaze Summit and the Circular Republic Festival.
Meet us there and let’s make a difference together!
Circulaze Summit:
November 8th – House of Communication, Start-Up Village. Come hear our Pitch between 11.00 am and 13.00 pm.
Circular Republic Festival:
November 16 & 17th – Munich Urban Collab, Start-Up-Area. Come hear our Pitch around 12.30 pm on November 16th.

NABORE has been nominated as a pioneer of transformation in the German economy.

The expert jury has selected our company as a pioneer in the transformation of our industry. The German Sustainability Award will be presented this year to particularly exemplary companies in their sectors, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).

We will find out in September whether we are among the finalists. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, November 23, 2023, in Düsseldorf.

In this category, the German Sustainability Award states: „On a finite planet with limited renewable capacities, it is essential to shape the transition towards a functioning circular economy and to minimize the exploration of primary resources. To achieve this, resources must be recovered and reused within the cycle rather than being wasted in a linear ‚make-use-waste‘ chain.“

NABORE’s first appearance at IMM Cologne

The innovative design studio of Thomas Beck, tbSTUDIO from Berlin, has created trendsetting designs out of recycled NABORE materials. Within the „Young Innovative Companies“ support programme, tbSTUDIO has been selected to present its progressive work at IMM Cologne. 
It will also be a premiere for the new NABORE material LSP. The leather chipboard is thermoplastically deformable and can be used in a variety of ways as a mono-material component in furniture, objects as well as flooring and parquet.


Car Symposium, Bochum (Germany)

On May 3rd we look forward to seeing automotive industry experts, academia and politics at the Car Symposium in Bochum. Meet us at this event for thought leaders and decision makers. Let’s exchange ideas, share knowledge and collaborate on solutions to solve the challenges of the automotive industry.

We are at Bo Part Solutions’ Stand, Nr. 35. Or join our speech on May 4th!

Together we unlock the power of recycling and circular economy.

Beeindruckend niedrige CO2 Emissionen

Die erste patentierte NABORE-Produktlinie verwandelt Lederabfälle durch seine innovative Zero-Waste-Technologie in neue, high-performance Materialien mit minimierten Emissionen.

Die renommierte Agentur Spin360 hat NABORE Supreme in einem Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) über den gesamten Lebenszyklus des Produkts analysiert. Mit dem Ergebnis von 1,11 kg CO2 e/m² übertrifft NABORE alle bisherigen Leder-Ersatzstoffe und trägt viel zu einem CO2 e/m² optimierten Endprodukt bei. Nach dem „End-of-Life“ ist es kreislauffähig und kann wieder in den Produktionsprozess eingebracht werden. NABORE verbindet Hochleistungsprodukte mit Nachhaltigkeit, Kreislaufwirtschaft und hoher Lieferfähigkeit.

Vom 21. bis 23. Februar 2023 wird NABORE auf der internationalen Ledermesse Lineapelle in Mailand, Italien, vertreten sein. Wir freuen uns auf Sie in Halle 22, bei unserem Partner IBL, Stand E22/E24.


Valesens esamina il sito in collaborazione con NABORE® FRANCE

L'association française de promotion VALESENS est lauréate du PTCE et joue le rôle d'incubateur de projets d'économie circulaire pour le département d'Indre-et-Loire. Un Pôle Territorial de Coopération (abrégé PTCE) signifie que plusieurs acteurs d'un territoire s'associent pour créer ensemble des projets d'avenir. Un véritable outil pour développer des projets économiques, innovants et coopératifs solidaires à l'échelle d'un territoire.

VALESENS è anche l'iniziatore del concorso "Mon Beau Déchet" per l'innovazione d'uso, di cui NABORE è sponsor. Ora si sta valutando la costruzione di un nuovo stabilimento regionale per la produzione di materiali innovativi dagli scarti di pelle utilizzando la tecnologia NABORE. L'obiettivo di questo progetto è quello di creare un impianto di lavorazione industriale degli scarti di pelle per produrre nuovi materiali di superficie di alta qualità. Si ottiene dall'agglomerazione di scarti di pelle triturati e leganti e viene utilizzato in numerose applicazioni esistenti e future (moda, automotive, casa, trasporti). Lo stabilimento in collaborazione con NABORE FRANCE ha caratteristiche simili a quelle di un impianto di produzione di carta. Può lavorare fino a 3300 tonnellate di scarti di pelle all'anno e produrre anche un materiale composito dalla canapa. Creerà 35-40 posti di lavoro su un'area di 1,5 ettari. La sua ubicazione è attualmente in fase di studio insieme a Dev'Up.

NABORE® ha sponsorizzato il concorso di design "MON BEAU DÉCHET" 2022

Dopo il successo del primo concorso sul tema dei ritagli e degli scarti di pelle nel 2021, l'associazione francese VALESENS, in occasione della France Design Week, quest’anno ha organizzato l’evento in collaborazione con NABORE.

Il motto del concorso "Mon Beau Déchet 2022" (My Beautiful Waste) è "Innovation of Use". NABORE è il partner ideale con la sua tecnologia a scarto zero, che utilizza la preziosa risorsa della pelle nella sua interezza. Ai designer, agli artisti e agli studenti sono stati forniti 9 materiali ad alte prestazioni realizzati con ritagli di pelle e leganti naturali. Dal morbido al rigido, nei colori naturali, dal grigio antracite al beige naturale, i materiali offrivano un ampio campo creativo. I designer hanno sfruttato le potenzialità e creato una varietà di: tecniche di lavorazione, abbinamenti innovativi, manufatti e oggetti trasformabili.

I vincitori sono: Primo premio e premio del pubblico: Aurélien Sauvestre - sgabello Premio del settore industriale: Clara Besnard e Maelisse Berthomé - Astuccio per gioielli Secondo premio: Camille Roussel - schermo Terzo premio: Antoine Brachet - Borsa portabottiglie

Gli oggetti vincitori sono realizzati in piccole serie da una manifattura locale che riunisce designer, esperti e giovani professionisti.

Valesens è un'associazione di sostegno per l'apprezzamento e la promozione del design e delle tecnologie sensoriali nella regione francese di Tours.